Who We Are

Engineer / Mohamed Ali Mohamed established Arasia Plastic Company in 2002 to work in the fields of insulation and lining

Work in the fields of insulation and lining with products (polyethylene – PVC – geotextile) and he sought to provide the best products and the best service to all its clients in all different fields, from agricultural, fish, poultry, construction, land scape, oil and mining With providing contracting service for installation at the highest level of efficiency and advanced technology in installation, welding and testing works for all products in various different projects on modern engineering foundations.

High Quality Standards

From materials to installation, we have a number of resources available to help with material selection and specifications

Giant liners

Arasya Plastic geomembrane liners are manufactured in sheet sizes up to 40,000 square feet.

Made to order products

We are proud to offer several types of customized industrial geomembrane

Made of a single layer

PVC bushings feature polyvinyl chloride as the predominant polymer

Our Services

Insulation and lining

Insulating materials trading

Welding machines trading

Swimming pools

Agricultural products

Specialized contracting

Don't decrease there goal. Increase the effort!

– ِArasya Plastic –

Why Work With Us

More than 20 years experience

Our experiences in the fields of insulation, lining and insulating materials trade are more than twenty workers in the local, Arab and North African markets.

Modern equipment

The latest devices, advanced machines and modern testing equipment

Arasya Plastic offers installation and welding services for all products mentioned in all different insulation and lining projects, the latest devices, advanced machines and modern testing devices, and also provides the best engineering expertise, supervision and skilled workforce trained at the highest level of efficiency to provide its customers with the best levels of service in this field while providing maintenance service Immediate after sales and installation

Professional team

Professional staff working on your projects within the hour