Arasia Plastic provides installation and welding services for all the products mentioned in all different insulation and lining projects, the latest devices, advanced machines and modern testing devices, and also provides the best engineering expertise, supervision and skilled manpower trained at the highest level of competence to provide its customers with the best levels of service in this field while providing maintenance service Immediate after sales and installation
Waterproofing with different products from
Polyethylene chips
PVC chips
E.P.D.M chips
Al-Torsh Mombrin
Injection for concretes
Chemical insulation and epoxy
Which lock and expansion joints
Heat insulation by different products from

Rock wool
glass wool
Foam of all densities
Polyethylene foam.
Sound insulation products
Rock wool
Areas of specialized contracting
1- Lining landfill basins, rubbish and petroleum residues.
2- Lining of all kinds of canals, drains and water channels.
3- Lining artificial lakes in tourist villages and resorts.
4- Lining oxidation ponds in sewage treatment plants.
5- Lining all kinds of sanitary landfills.
6- Lining all kinds of chemical basins.
7- Lining landfill basins, garbage and petroleum residues.
8- Isolate all types of foundations, building surfaces and architectural roofs.
9- Isolation of basements
10- Isolating all types of swimming pools.
11- Isolating water fountains, basins, flowers and industrial safety tanks.
12- Isolation of the surface to be cultivated (surface cultivation).
13- Used in isolating and lining dams and water barriers.
14- Used in isolating and lining canals and canals.
15- It is used in isolating and lining filter ponds.
16- It is used for insulating and lining rainwater collecting basins.
17- Isolate the roofs of trusses and factory floors.
18- Isolation of refrigerators.
19- Insulation of garage floors.
20- Isolate the roofs and floors of the wards.