Uses of the 750-5000 micron polyethylene film (HDPE-LDEP) fine and rough in the agricultural field: –
– The agricultural field is divided into three important fields, namely, the field of water tanks in farms, the field of fish farming, and the field of animal and poultry.
1- The field of water storage basins in farms (in which the polyethylene product is used in its different thicknesses): –

Due to the many problems facing all farms in the lack of the water need necessary for irrigation as a result of the shifting process and the winter blockage and the problems of the main water lines for feeding the farms, as well as the excess salinity and impurities and the low water reserve in the wells and canals, so it was necessary to preserve every drop of water needed by the plant. The need is urgent and necessary for the presence of water basins and tanks in agricultural lands to get rid of all problems facing the process of agriculture due to water, by digging the water storage basin directly on sand and soil without interference from any of the construction materials and preparing the basin with the required engineering dimensions of tendencies and trenching and deepening your father according to the required space To store the amount of water to reach the legal engineering form, then lining the tank with polyethylene, which leads to the absence of construction costs, increased life span and ease of maintenance. In the event that the soil is not ready for lining, a protective geotextile shall be placed before laying the polyethylene and carrying out the lining process.