Uses of the 750-5000 micron polyethylene film (HDPE-LDEP) soft and rough in the construction field: –
Polyethylene products are used in the construction field for many purposes in order to protect the facilities from the impermeability of water and moisture to and from the facilities to be protected in order to preserve them from corrosion and wear in order to ensure an increase in the useful life and not to raise the material costs by re-repair or maintenance. The permeability of water is any liquid through it because of its physical, mechanical, alkaline or acidic properties that it comes into contact with and is also distinguished by its ability to withstand all weather factors and stress that it may be exposed to.
Also, these insulating materials are used directly on the soil and sand without any structural intervention, to create artificial lakes and water bodies, which reduces the construction costs of the lake.
Some of the uses in the construction field of the product: –
1- Insulation of roofs, foundations and flower beds.

2- Isolation of fountains, waterfalls and swimming pools.

3- Isolate tunnels, fences, industrial security tanks and concrete structures.

4- Lining artificial lakes in all their forms.

5- Lining sewage stations and pools of kasda.

6- Geotextiles for the protection of insulation materials, agricultural drainage and filtration operations.