Uses of the 750-5000 micron polyethylene film (HDPE-LDEP) fine and rough in the petroleum and mining sector: –
It is used in all fields related to the oil exploration and search sector and in various large mining projects such as:
– Mining industry: It is used in the lining of basins for deposition and extraction of minerals and the processes of extracting minerals of various kinds due to its ability to withstand chemical, physical and natural factors for the process of extracting minerals. Among these chemicals is cyanide used in the extraction process and is also used in the isolation of mines.

Oil impurity basins: It is used in the lining operations of all impurity basins resulting from the work of various drilling rigs.

Crude oil tanks: They are lined internally and externally to protect them from all ground and air fluctuations.

Sinks of oils and chemicals: they are lined to keep all their properties unchanged.

Caravan roofs and floors: to protect them from weather and humidity fluctuations, protect them from the sun’s rays, as well as protect them from various chemicals and salts.

Potable water storage basins for petroleum sites.