Uses of the 750-5000 micron polyethylene film (HDPE-LDEP) fine and coarse film product in the aquaculture field: –
Animal and poultry field: (polyethylene product and P.V.C in its different thicknesses are used): –
– Research and practical experiments have proven that there is a close and close relationship between the use of the polyethylene insulation sheet and all the various activities related to this field.

– The mattress: The polyethylene sheet is covered underneath it, then the bedding material of hay, sawdust, straw, etc. is spread over it, which helps to get rid of the problem of moisture and cold and the problem of falling chicks under the mattress, and the presence of insulation material helps to easily turn the mattress so that it becomes dry, loose, and free of worms, rodents and ground toxins.

– Breeding batteries and rabbit batteries: The insulation sheet is laid at the bottom of the breeding battery, which helps in easy collection of waste, disinfection and hygiene, and preventing ground rodents and worms.

The roofs and floors of the breeding pens: the protection of the surfaces from the fluctuations of the weather, the cleanliness of the floors, the ease of disinfection and the collection of waste from them in an easy, healthy and safe way.

– Belt industry: Belts are made from it to collect poultry manure used in poultry farms production lines, broiler chicks and table eggs.